Rosslyn Heights Sucks


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Rosslyn Heights...where oh where do I begin to describe the misery of 2014-2015 in that hellhole?

Management: It's so obvious that all they're interested in is your money. I mean, you can expect that with just about every landlord, but man, RH practically goes out of its way to make you understand that you're nothing but a dollar sign to them. They are so unfriendly and fake and rude. I felt very uncomfortable even just talking to them. They are absurdly and unnecessarily strict with charging you bogus charges. I wanted to give them my rent check on the last day they were due but unfortunately by the time I got home, their office was closed. So I go in as soon as I can in the morning, because it's not my fault they closed. Guess what? Slaps us with 10% of the entire apartment fee. Come on, any other management would have just gladly accepted the rent. There's also a bogus SIXTY DAY moving out notice. Seriously - sixty days? And if you don't do that, they slap on charges for every day after sixty that you don't turn in this intent to vacate. They also load a bunch of B/S charges on you whenever they can, and they are more than happy to. I was lucky to have never lost the keys, but they charge you seventy dollars if you do. It's literally a piece of plastic about the size of a quarter for the front gates, and two regular keys. Worth less than five dollars.

Facilities: Mailbox would hardly open. Gym was small and a piece of crap, with half the weights seeming to be missing all the time, and smelled so bad I felt that working out there was bad for my health. Seriously, the gym reeked of chemicals, and I'm pretty sure that's bad for your health. The swimming pools sucked. About as big as a kiddie pool. The "mailroom" was like a blackhole for packages. A package goes in and no one knows what happens to it! There is also no way for you to get notified if a package arrived (which pretty much every other apartment complex I've been to did), so you had to annoyingly go there every day until you found your package. Good luck with that. The stairs get slippery with ice in the winter. Seriously, that's a liability for them. Couldn't they have at least the decency to salt them? There are also people who come in randomly to the apartment, wit literally no warning, to "work" on the place. Or you'd go outside and find out that you can't step foot outside your apartment because people are laying paint. If anything stopped functioning in the apartment... good luck getting them to fix it.

It doesn't help that I lived with complete shitheads. I wish so badly I moved out before my lease ended. I wouldn't have had to deal with VaGina and Dickolas (not their real names obviously, just what I call them). Dickolas fucked me out of thousands of dollars - I was living a space half the size of the other people's rooms, with no door, no closet, no carpeting, and no private bathroom. And that asshole made me pay the same price as the others did for patently inferior conditions. I should've been more assertive and stood up for what was obviously unfair. VaGina was really passive aggressive and lied a lot. She also had no idea about what personal space was - I've had friends come over and leave because she was so annoying. Overall, terrible people in that place, terrible facilities, and a year's worth of misery.

October 22, 2015

This place is to damn loud and when you are in the nice area, close to the seems full of older people who don't like renters.

I was told the planes did not take this route all the time to DCA. takes this route 80% of the time to DCA. Even if you have a deck, you don't want to go outside because it's to damn loud.

silence please
July 24, 2014

I have experienced NOTHING but gross incompetence from the management at Rosslyn Heights. I was over charged for electricity for 4 months (despite my repeated, repeated requests to have it checked), my car was towed from it's proper spot and i was not reimbursed, packages delivered AND signed for by the people working in the office just disappear. You can never get anyone to call you back unless you go into the office and make a scene, at which point the GM, Valerie, will undoubtedly deal with the situation in a profoundly unprofessional manner, leaving you even more infuriated and frustrated than when you started. She is a TOTAL witch. Also, the apartments are shitty. My dishwasher or laundry machine is in almost perpetual need of repair. My apartment has flooded twice and has bugs. I encourage you to while you still can.

annon bc i would like to get my deposit back
July 15, 2009

The management office is not only incompetent, but the property manager, Valerie, is extremely rude and not helpful whatsoever. I could not wait to get out of my lease. If you move in, you can expect numerous power outages, vandalism occurances, mischarges from the leasing office, and an overall terrible experience. The leasing office completely forgets that the tenants are customers who pay for service. They nickel and dime you at every chance and the property manager is probably the most unprofessional individual you could encounter. Avoid!

June 23, 2009

My wife and I moved in to Rosslyn Heights on Nov 29, 2009 and have had bad experiences ever since. 1)On Nov 24, we put in our deposit for a 13 mo lease, and the leasing agent verbally promised that we could move in on Nov 29 and they would waive the rent for Nov 29-30. During the official lease-signing on Nov 29, the agent however included a bill for both the days. When questioned about her earlier promise, she apologized and indicated that the paperwork was un-editable and she will give us a credit the next month. In addition, for the first time in 3 meetings, she informs us that we need to get renters insurance. All said, it was about ~$300 in additional expenses. After a cross-country Uhaul-ing experience, we were not in a mood to argue and just signed the lease. The following month, there was no 2-day credit on the rent. When questioned, Valerie the office manager feigned ignorance & claimed that she cannot honor verbal promises. Lesson learned. 2)The parking garages perpetually need repairs and during a week of < 20degree temperatures, we were told to move our car to a public garage that was 0.4mi away and added an additional 25-30 mins to our commute every morning. This was inspite of an abundance of free spots in other garages ON the property. When questioned as to why they cannot temporarily reassign ~25 cars to vacant spots on the property, they claimed it was too much work. 3)Valerie the office manager has an attitude that is a clear mismatch to her competence. Be it the rolling of eyes when informed about a faulty garage door, or the condescending "I will work with you on just this one issue, because it was our fault". 4)The apartments, appliances and amenities are definitely not luxurious, as advertised. However after factoring the value-for-money in terms of the rent specials et al, the amenities fare much better than management's competence.

May 6, 2009

There is not enough space to describe everything wrong with this place. They are unaccomodating, frustrating, cheap-skate, liars! We moved in last summer (July 2008), but what they conveniently forgot to mention was the year-long construction project commencing January 2009 behind building 1851. From 7 AM EVERY morning until 7 PM EVERY night a building is being torn down, trucks are backing up, pouring cement, construction workers yelling, and every other terrible thing one can attribute to a construction site. The response we got for not telling us this was going to be happening during our year stay? "Well, we aren't going to negatively advertise for our buildings." Yes, have a good time explaining that to the Better Business B. and every other agency that is now going to know what poor management and how deceitful Rosslyn Heights is.

April 27, 2009

Management is just awful!!! They gave us less than 24 hr notice to move our cars from the parking lot or else they would be towed so they could repaint parking spot lines. About a third of the parking places would be ok to park in. My roommate didn't get back that night from class until after 10 PM and had to leave to go to work the next morning by 7. So, the third of the parking lot we were allowed to park in that day was full. She moved her car to the most out of the way spot she could find and got towed and fined. Thats just the beginning. When asking the management what she should have done, they avoided answering her for quite sometime calling her names such as spoiled and stuck up. Eventually, the only solution they came up with is that she should have driven her car to a grocery store parking lot for the day. That's illegal and her car would have been towed from a place that was not her residence. So, in all, my roommate got a less than 12 hour notice to move her car, got fined $100 for parking where she lives and pays to park, and then got belittled and verbally abused by management for asking them what they had expected her to do instead. The way they notify you is to put pieces of paper near your door. These are so easy to lose or miss, especially if you have roommates. We tried to get them to start sending out e-mails in addition but got some nonsense response about sticking to the way they have always done things. There is one nice lady who works for the management, or at least there was, I think she might have gotten out of there for her own sanity. Overall, they are just awful to work with and that was just one of many stories.

March 5, 2009

We were broken into the weekend before thanksgiving... it is now Jan 3, 2009 and the screen that the criminal broke has still not been repaired. And our tub (we're on the ground floor) has filled up with backwater from waste 3 times. Nasty. Nasty. It took a year to fix walls in the bathroom that had caved in from mold. And water still comes up out our kitchen sink whenever we run the dishwasher. A neighbor who parked in our spot repeatedly threatened to beat us up when we tried to have him towed. We are two small blonde girls. He is a big man. He's still in the spot. Management (Valerie) talked to him and has assured us that we are safe. I don't feel safe. I could go on. But, please, you can do better.

January 3, 2009

I've had the worst experience at Rosslyn Heights. First, my car got broken into in during the offered no help. Also, several apts were vandalized a couple of months later. Ask's true. Second, the power outages have been out of rain storm and expect the lights to go out for hours. We've had at least 4 since I moved-in in June. Third, management is horrible. The manager there (her name is Valerie) has the worst attitude and no costumer service skills whatsoever. She's always rude on the phone, is never accomodating to the needs of residents and now hated by several residents who can't wait for their lease to expire. Oh, and don't lose your data key to get into the buildings. They charge $75 for a replacement. The reason why they're offering so many 1-month & 2-month free deals? They're desperate. Residents are not renewing their leases because this is not a place where you get your money's worth. If you do decide to check this place out, ask to meet Valerie, the manager. Trust me, you'll never go back. Unless they drop their prices significantly to justify the horrible service and attitude management offers, not to mention the security concerns that you have to deal with....this place gets an F.

December 8, 2008

Where to begin?!? Well, if your thinking about living in Rosslyn Heights and love the company of squirrels, mice, flies, and car burglars than this is your place! Our great adventure started with a fairly loud scampering across the ceiling waking us up around 3am in the fall of '07. After whatever creature repeatedly ran across the ceiling that night it took almost a month for the management office to tell us that we had squirrels running around up there. With our building being next to the woods, squirrels were finding ways into the siding and in between the floors. Their solution was to cut a hole in the ceiling and put some traps. I told them not to do this and to find and FIX where they were getting IN. After a number of phone calls and failed attempts they claimed to have fixed it, and for a while it was quiet. It was quiet until last month, when we had a complete repeat of last year and had that damn scampering sound again. Sounds like little running nails scraping the ceiling going from one end of the apt to the next. Awful! The next great story occurred not long after our first encounter with squirrels... but this time it was with mice. I was watching TV on a sat afternoon and out of the corner of my eye one comes running across the room. After a few min of chasing it, I was able to get it on to the balcony and then (what I hope was) off the ledge... probably to live another day and invade our apt again. This time was last week. After arriving home around 10 pm, we were overpowered by the stench of something rotting (And a few flies in the apt). The exterminator came the next day we found out that a mouse(s) had died behind the oven. The note didn't say how many, but regardless all I can say is, Joy. The third wonderful aspect of living at Rosslyn Heights was having our car broken into not once but twice.... IN THE GARAGE. The first time they jimmy'd the door open and stole a GPS mount. We got off lucky as about 10 other cars in the garage had their airbags stolen. About a month later, our car was broken into again. This time they broke the passenger window. What did management have to say? "Sorry, can't do anything about it. Use your renters insurance" .... assh*les.... So if you have made it this far and still are considering them... no offense, but your a moron. As for us, well as of last Saturday we gave them our 60 notice. BTW, 60 days notice... are you kidding me? who does that? Anyways, the countdown to getting out can't come soon enough.

September 25, 2008

Thanks for the website! I just wish I would have seen it before moving. I have been here for one week and sensed "attitude" from the very start. I wanted to change from a one bedroom with den to a two bedroom with den. I was still going through the application process when I made this decision--no lease signed and never took possesion of an apartment. Despite these facts, I was told that I would have to pay ANOTHER APPLICATION FEE. I asked why, as I had not taken possesion of any property, nor was I creating more "administrative work" as the same credit report could be used--NO VALID RESPONSE besides "thats the rule, give us your money". I refused to pay more for nothing and stayed with the smaller unit. I guess I let the good location and the one month free rent for a 12 month lease get me. I will take note of all of your observations and be on the "defensive". To my fellow residents, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL...(I have always wanted to write an exortation like that!!!), all joking aside, working jointly we perhaps can collectively receive some justice here...please keep your comments coming and spread the word!!!!!

September 23, 2008

I have lived in six different apartments in the last 10 years and this has been by far my worst experience. To say management is bad is an understatement. They are rude, inattentive, and indifferent to your problems. Over the course of my one year here I have had several small to large problems including no hot water, mold, fleas, and flooding. Half of which were never addressed and those that were required such fighting with management that it was hardly worth it. We had fleas when we moved in due to a carpet saturated in cat urine. We complained to management and after several arguments with management, where they tried to blame me, they finally sent in a fumigator. The fleas returned in a month. While the location and building exteriors may seem appealing do not be fooled. These apartments have tons of issues due to poor maintenance and design. The area right outside our apartment floods after every minor shower becoming a breeding ground for mold. Our security gates have never worked. There have been several break ins to cars lately. We didn't have hot water for several months. Also they will deliberately try to screw you on your lease and rent. Make sure they don't charge you a cent over what you owe because they will try to pull one over on you.

July 21, 2008

I lived in Rosslyn Heights during the first year that I attended the Art Institute of Washington, which is the school belonging to the students you see so many complaints about here, it was the single most horrific place I've ever lived. The management outright refused to give any student a working code for the gates so we were all forced to climb over them to get access to our apartments of call room mates to let us inside. When our air conditioner broke it took 6 months to get someone to come over and the repair crew didn't actually fix it they had to come back a second time because they didn't know what had been broken. I've seen a lot of complaints about the students who used to live in this building which is a shame because the vast majority of us were decent people who just wanted a place to live. We didn't ask to be put in Rosslyn Heights. Besides that they crammed us in there 4 to an apartment at over a thousand a piece each and every month. I never vandalized a thing in my life but I got really tired of being blamed for things being destroyed by the management. It's not s suitable place for the filthy pests who live there in abundance much less a human being.

Jon F.
July 18, 2008

I moved into Rosslyn Heights in June of 2006. Upon moving in, I was told that I would be guaranteed a parking spot in a covered garage only to find out that in fact, there was no availability and I would be on a waiting list. Almost three months later (and countless parking tickets), I returned to the office and asked where I was on the list and they replied that I wasn't even on the list but they would be happy to add me to the top based on my move in date. Six weeks later, still no spot and I returned to the office only to find out I was now #14 on the list! They gave me a temporary spot outside the office while I traveled on business and I came home to find my car had been towed. After offering no assistance to get the spot back, they claimed that the spot had been given to another resident and the resident had me towed. I had to pay to get my own car back from the spot they gave me. Another thing to expect from RH: the office staff changes their stories all the time and as such, my roommate and I kept detailed records of all correspondence. After signing our lease, we were told three days later that our rent was going up and we had to sign a new lease. My roommate and I shot back that we would get lawyers involved if they attempted to breach the lease. There is also electronic payment but there is a fee charged, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it is $30 each transmission. Maintenance issues: Our apartment was a dump. The appliances are outdated and old, the cabinets are falling apart and the dishwasher never seemed to actually clean the dishes. We had a constant supply of bugs indoors and bottom floor of the parking garage was always flooded with water. At least one elevator was broken each week. The pools are barely larger that a kiddie pool and the chairs are usually broken within weeks of the pool opening up. Sometimes the garage door was broken and left open for days and the building adjacent to mine had a string of break-ins where air bags were stolen from cars parked in the garage. The front gate rarely works as well and it took them over 8 months (multiple emails and phone calls) to actually add my name to the directory and when they finally did, they added my first name and not my last. Who adds first names to the directory?? One the bathroom pipes burst in the apartment above me and I received no notice from the office and when I brought my soaked ceiling and closet to their attention, I was told to “turn a fan to it and let it dry”. When power fails, there are no emergency lights that come on and you are stuck walking up stairs in the dark and even forced to find the garage door in the dark. I was in building 1851 and seemed to lose power every time.

Can't move out soon enough
June 17, 2008

THE PLACE IS A DUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is hard to know where to start. Do not be fooled by the "luxary" in luxary apartments because this place is at the other end of the scale. I have yet to find a happy RH resident. The appliances in our apartment are 18+ years old and understandably keep breaking down, however be prepared for weeks of hell. Are dishwasher broke down and we had to wait for over 1 week to get the thing drained in DC August temperatures the thing stank! The washing machine broke down in the middle of a cycle for "no reason" and we were expected to take our washing from our 6th floor apartment to one on the 1st floor for over 2 weeks - this was a real eye opener - the reason the apartments are not that clean is because management leave vacant apartments empty to rot and grow mold until an unsuspecting victim moves in! The plumbing in this place is abominable. If you want a toilet to flush anything denser than well .... "wee" you will not find them here!!! I have experienced human waste over both bathroom floors more time than I care to count as the management company do not see the need to contact a contractor..... Also if you are not bald the plug in the bath is not able to deal with any amount of hair. And our fridge.... we have some unidentified cream coloured gue oozing from the freezer through the mechanics of the fridge and down the back wall and all the management can come up with is melted ice cream.... IDIOTS! It is not sticky and smells nothing like ice cream. The stove - the hobs collopse constantly into the cooker and when the stay on the top move uncontrollably, but rest assured - they have done a "quick fix". The AC controlls fall of the wall if you so much as breath in its direction as do the taps and I do not think the management company understand that the fire alarms should work and detect smoke.... again, IDIOTS!! And when these issues arise do not expect a quick response, an apology or customer service let alone with a smile! They are rude, incompetent and obnoxious. They will storm into your apartment without notice demanding an explanation of what "your problem is" if you kick up to much..... Be warned that you can get so much more for your money. Investigate properly and take notice that these issues and angry tenants are a traight this company has experienced for many years now and really is not that bothered about you once you are trapped into a lease. The place is a s$%t hole ran by cowboys. Enter at your own risk - and be ripped off in the process

Deaks in the USA!!
October 5, 2007

I lived here back in 2002-2003 and it was a nightmare. I also was promised a parking spot, and didn't get one. And then my car was stolen from where I had parked it right out front on the street. The noise was unbearable . . . one weeknight at about 11 I went down to complain to a neighbor about the huge loud party that was going on in her apartment, and when I said to her can you please keep it down, this isn't a dorm, she replied with "yes it is, this is our dorm." Apparently Rosslyn Heights management had the brilliant idea to let some local school rent out apartments as a dorm! Unbelievable noise at all hours of the day/night on weeknights as well as weekends, and because of the style of the buildings you can't avoid the noise. The management was unbearably ingnorant and rude. I ended up breaking my lease and paying through the nose because of it, but it was worth to get out of there and into a place where I could sleep! Oh, and one more thing...someone was somehow stealing our mail. Don't ask me how, I know it sounds bizarre given that the mailboxes are locked, but I swear tons of my mail was stolen, and I know others in my building experienced this as well. Management was totally unresponsive about it.

June 7, 2007

Greetings from the depths of hell (aka Rosslyn Heights). I'm a huge fan of your website (unfortunately I discovered it a few weeks too late). Anyway, below is a picture from Rosslyn Heights which illustrates the theme of your site perfectly. Last fall, I noticed that a broken washer and dryer was placed in the P2 level next to the elevator (because I guess parking garages are natural storage places for broken appliances). Of course it made the place look trashier, but I figured it was temporary. By the second week, I decided to post a sarcastic sign on it. I posted the sign at 11 PM on a Thursday night. The next afternoon I was passing through the garage and expected to see my sign ripped down. Instead, no less than 5 other residents decided to vent their frustrations with the place by posting their stories (some even took the time to type them up and print them). I was somewhat elated to find that I wasn't the only guy there who was so fed up with the place. Amazingly, the washing machine was removed the next day. I can only hope a prospective tenant saw it then, and other prospective tenants are reading this testimonial now. Mouse over the photo to see enlargements of the individual signs. (My sign is the one with the "RESIDENTS!" at the top.)

March 19, 2007

Below was a letter I wrote to the Gates Hudson corporate office summarizing my year at the RH slum (a circus of incompetencies).... I am writing to you as a current and dissatisfied tenant of Rosslyn Heights located in Arlington, VA. I have dealt with rudeness, indifference, and incompetence and am fed up with it. Things have been in a constant state of chaos for me from the day I moved in until now, almost one year after living here (which I will be moving out due to the many circumstances outlined below). Move In Day (July 5, 2004) My move in day was July 5, 2004. I was told upon signing my lease, that I would be able to move in at 8:30 am that morning. However, upon arriving with my moving truck, and several able-bodied friends, I found no one to be at the office. After several calls, and one rather unaccountable receptionist, I found out that July 5 th was being treated as a holiday and that no one would be in the office until 11:00 am. Here I was at 8:30 am with a moving truck that I was paying for and friends to help me move and nowhere to go for 2 hours. When someone finally arrived AT NOON, the gate pass was broken so I was just given the 4-digit code to enter the gate. All in all, 2+ hours were lost, my friends and family who were here to help me wasted 2+ hours and I paid 2+ hours extra for the moving truck. Initially, all I got was an apology no act of restitution was made. Lost Mail (August 2005) I sent my digital camera away to be repaired. About a week after I should have received it, I contacted the camera company and they sent me a link to the UPS package tracker. Rosslyn Heights had indeed received it but gave me no notice. When I went to the office to inquire about my package, I was told by property manager Wanda Leap that they hadn't received any package for me. Luckily for me, I had sent the package insured and had an electronic copy of the person's signature and date they had signed for it. It was Wanda's signature. The leasing office said they would look for it some more and after a full week I contacted them and was told by Wanda that it must have been lost and that you all would compensate me for the price of camera. I had no receipt, as it was a Christmas gift from my parents. Wanda asked me to look up the price on the internet and then I'd be written a check. I asked her to look it up since she was the one who lost it. She then replied that she didn't know how to "use the internet". So I looked it up myself and found the most expensive but legitimate listing price, quoted for a camera that was a good 7 months old. Your leasing office was about to cut me a check for the camera at premium price – had Wanda done the research herself, she would have found it for much, much cheaper. On the day I was to give Wanda my information, she found the camera. Apparently it was sitting in a pile of things in the back office and no one had thought to look there in the first place. So after being without my camera an additional 3 weeks (in which time I went on vacation and had no camera to take with me) it was returned. Moving Out (June 2005 to present) My lease technically ends August 1 2005. However, due to my own fault, I did not give sufficient notice. But I was told that if I were able to find someone to take over my lease (a lease transfer) then I could leave on August 1. I was also told, and received a letter stating that Rosslyn Heights would also be listing our apartment and would do all they can to help me rent my apartment out. As people came to look at our place, I told them to call the leasing office as well; as I was under the impression they were going to help me. I had two prospective tenants call the leasing office. On Monday, June 27th, one spoke to Abdul, inquiring about a 3rd floor apartment for rent in August and was told nothing was available. This of course scared the prospective tenants off, as they thought my ad was not legitimate. Another called Friday, July 8, and was told by Alison that they had something available for August on either the 2 nd or 4th floor – not at all mentioning my available apartment on the 3 rd floor. I confronted Alison as to why they were not mentioning my apartment. She began to throw attitude at me and came up with one implausible excuse after the next. When I had finally found a tenant to apply on Saturday July 9, we had the leasing office begin to process their paperwork. However, the prospective tenant decided not to pursue this because -- and this is a direct quote from her -- "Rosslyn Heights was taking too long to process the paperwork. We went with another management company that was able to approve us faster". However, we had another prospective tenant lined up who wanted to apply as well, in case the first one fell through, and Alison said very rudely, directly in front of these people "I NOT taking any more applications for this place". I was appalled at her attitude, though not exactly surprised given her previous demeanor with me. As of today, I'm still on the search for someone to fill my apartment. General I've experienced some other general issues with the complex: · Someone was parked in my spot one evening and after calling the towing company listed in the lot, and being assured that they would be towed, sure enough, the next morning the car was still there. I know you have no control over that, but you do have control over whom you contract your towing services through · Vomit in the elevator that was there for a good 2 days · Elevators that break down consistently · A dead, rotting bird in the stairwell that was there for at least a week · A constantly broken door on P2 in building 1860 · Dirty breezeways · Noisy construction EARLY on weekends · Noisy student tenants (whom I was explicitly told were moving out) · The lack of a business center with communal use computers (which I was told was going to exist) · The revocation of the metro shuttle I am just so disgusted with the customer service I have received since staying at Rosslyn Heights. Finding someone to take over my lease has been a hellacious experience as Rosslyn Heights' reputation is horrible. If you type in Rosslyn Heights in Google, the first site that pops up is , thoroughly detailing a disgusting experience not so long ago. We had THREE people in one week decide against applying for this apartment because of this site as well as the poor, poor ratings on Tenants are a second thought in this community. I have never experienced such horrible management and terrible follow-up. I would have never expected the leasing office to help me rent my apartment, except that I received in writing a letter from them expressly stating that they would do so to the best of their abilities. If this is the best, I can't imagine what the worst is. This is all so unfortunate, given the location and appearance of the complex. Rosslyn Heights has amazing potential, but because of the management and personnel, in addition to its sullied reputation, is quickly becoming an undesirable place to live. I expect the bare minimum from the service industry and unfortunately, Rosslyn Heights does not even meet this lowly benchmark. After little to no action from the leasing team at Rosslyn Heights, I thought it would be best to come to the higher-ups. I hope that I'm not wrong to seek help and action from you. Thank you for your time,

February 28, 2007

too funny... I currently live in Rosslyn Mice, I mean Heights, and cannot wait to leave in a few weeks. My roommate and I have never once purchased groceries in the year we've lived here, throw all perishable food remains and containers down the chute, and we still have been infested with rodents since the first week. I'm not sure there has ever been a more disgusting place to live.

November 15, 2006

Rosslyn Heights is a disaster. Here's why: 1. Management is slow, unexperienced, and oftentimes rude. Over the last 6 months, the staff at RH has turned over several times. Calls are never returned. Questions can never be answered. The entire office is unorganized. 2. The apartments themselves appear to be nice. The outside is well-kept, but we've experienced a number of problems inside our place. Our A/C has been broken for months, and instead of fixing the broken pipe, they continue to do interim "fixes" with tape, etc. when the apt gets so hot we can barely stand it. Also, my closet collapsed in the middle of the night, ripping the bars out of the wall and wrecking most everything I had stored there. 3. We've had an awful problem with bugs, including a great number of silver fish the most glamorous of pests. 4. You do not get what you pay for. Our 1BR plus den is $1895. Parking and utilities are extra. Its not worth it. 5. I'm moving out after 6 months. We are breaking our lease to get away from this place.

July 24, 2006

In regards to Rosslyn Heights sucks. You want material? - Leasing office stupid? They told us during the winter that since the air coming out of the vents were colder than our body temperature it was natural that it felt cold. - Taking advantage of you: if your rent check bounces back you'll end up paying fees and 10% extra rent(!!!), even if you pay just after 4 days. The contract you sign says so, and they won't work with you. The reason they use: their bank gives them these restrictions (BS, think about what APR 10% for 4 days equals). Loosing your access card: $75 (to cover cost? +400%!!) - Maintenance? Yeah right. Our apartment is nice compared to many others. When something goes wrong though, they fix 50%. We had a water leak from the upstairs neighbour. They changed the wet carpet and said to fix the wall paint (never happened). yesterday after a thunderstorm, leaking still!!! Who's asking me to be understanding now? The f¤&%ing leasing office! - In the elevator there's a sign saying that certificate can be found in the leasing office. What the hell is the point of having it in the leasing office? Isn't it suppose to show elevator riders that the elevator is safe? Yeah, I'll walk over and look at it before I ride! - After 10+ emails about us not being in the directory at the gate, and 12 months has passed by, we are still not there! - Parking garage gate. Effective if it could work, not stay up all the time or lock me and my car inside when I would like to be at work in time!! - Aircondition wents leave cold air from outside freely in during winter. Yes, new aircondition, but not the wents! - Toilet runs, had to fix myself. - Front door does not have a seal on the bottom. Had to fix myself. - Packages. You might be notified the same day, or 2 weeks after it arrived in the office! What can you say? I'm sure many places are like this. Rosslyn Heights is not the only one, but it's important that information is out there. Your site is a great effort in this process, esp. since it pops up next to their main website :) Good job!

June 20, 2006

I can't tell you how relieved I was to find out about your website. I've lived at RH since 1996, when it was Summit Village and managed by Lincoln Properties. Thank God, I've never had problems with infestation of any kind over here, but I have had an ongoing problem with security (or -- courtesy of Gates Hudson -- the absence thereof) and with the overall "management" of the property in general by GH. And I, too, have photos of unrepaired damages, neglect, etc. by GH. My complaints about them are too numerous to list here, but it's reassuring to know that others are unhappy, too. And you may be interested to know that the residents of Colonial Village next door to us are completely up in arms about RH as well. They recently had fences and locked gates installed at each end of their property for the sole purpose of keeping out RH residents -- specifically, the kids who have been vandalizing both the RH & CV properties. The locked gates have only been operational since March 27th, and already they have had to have the locks fixed and/or replaced, as well as having to repair vandalism to the gate itself, several times, and, as of right now, both gates are broken once again.

May 8, 2006

Hey man, Sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered. I live in Rosslyn Heights myself and haven't had the mice issue, but have had to deal with spiders (I think they come in through the duct work)...I'm sure you'd rather have dealt with spiders than mice, so I can't empathize completely, but for what its worth, I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal...thanks for creating this site and I wish you well.

April 17, 2006

i also lived in rosslyn heights. we also had those little flies! i liked your bowl filled with water idea, but i found that juice or champagne works best. Finding out that champgne works was obviuosly a fluke, but neverthless was effective and worth telling you about. I don't know how much the desk light would help?

April 17, 2006

I've killed about a dozen mice myself in Rosslyn Heights in the past 4 months.

November 8, 2005

Hi Chris! I can definitely sympathize with your experience!! The parallels are crazy--we have had a terrible ant problem for the last couple of months as well as an inexplicable odor coming from the front wall of our apartment, which I assume can ONLY be a dead mouse. Additionally, during a big storm three (I repeat, THREE!!!) months ago, a giant piece of siding blew off of the outdoor area where our patio is. I am not at all exaggerating when I tell you that this was three months ago, and they STILL have not come to fix it--after numerous calls to the management. What kills me, is that I pay a ridiculous amount of money to live in a dump! One time after having our water shut off without any warning (because of a pipe bursting), and needing desperately to use water, I repeatedly called down to the management office to complain. They responded with "Well, what do you need water for". Can you believe that?!! I'm paying nearly $900 a month to live in a decrepit apartment complex. I have friends living in nicer places in DC for half the rent that I pay!! WOW! That felt good to vent! Thank you. :)

September 26, 2005

I currently live at this complex. They promised upon moving in that there would be a garage spot for me. Upon moving in, there was no spot, and hasn't been for 5 months now! Since then my car has been dented, broken into and my spot keeps being taken by apt. employees. Classy place.

April 3, 2005

Had that a year ago now it is a massive infestations of mice. We are in 1812 and we can hear them especially at night running around and fighting. I'm strongly considering posting fliers in the elevators and calling for a tenant meeting or at least putting on the flier the rights people have under the Landlord Tenant Act with mice. They can give written notice of the problem and then 21 days later start withholding rent. Any thoughts?

February 1, 2003