Rosslyn Heights Sucks

So, you're thinking about moving into Rosslyn Heights. Let me guess: you just Googled the name and saw that right up there with the link to the official RH site was a link to this online diatribe. Which link did you click first? No matter, the important thing is you've landed here. I created this site to help apartment hunters like you. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to look around. A few minutes here may spare you a lease term's worth of headache and frustration.

The first thing you should do is read my original rant, published in 2003, which I entitled Rosslyn Heights – My Plague of Mice and Flies. (The link will open in another browser window.) Once you've finished looking at those 3 pages, come back here and check out the rest of the site.

(Awaiting your return ...)

Pretty nasty stuff, right? But mice and flies aren't the end of the story. I won't make you read a lot of additional verbiage. Just check out the photos below:

Maybe you're thinking I was unlucky – I suffered a unique and isolated ordeal and now I've just got an axe to grind. But I'm not the only one. Click here to view testimonials from other current and former Rosslyn Heights residents. If I can't convince you to stay away, maybe they can. Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your apartment search.

/Christopher Jewell

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